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King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

KOF2002UM was released 2/27/2015 for PC! I myself have put many hours of vanilla kof 2002 in on GGPO, so this is definitely one of my favorite games. However, can I really recommend the steam release of KOF 2002 Unlimited match?

The King of Fighters 2002 “Unlimited Match” sports a whopping 66 playable characters, although a few are clones with different move sets. The cast has diverse move sets and play styles, so you should be able to find characters that fit your style, be that rush-down, turtle, mix-up, or zoning. If you’re not familiar with king of fighters 2002, it uses the 3 vs 3 team format, with some life regen between rounds. It’s a 4 button fighter, some characters dash, and most characters run. There is no air blocking, and your meter can be used in a lot of ways other than supers.
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King of Fighters 2002 – Fightcade

KOF 2002 is still one of the most popular games on Fightcade, however 80% of the players are from Brazil or Mexico, so your connection to these players may not be the best (but still playable). This version of King of Fighters has a decent cast of characters(42), and a system that’s simple enough to pick up and play. Although 2002 seems simple at first, there is a lot of depth to this game. “Free Cancel System, Max Mode System, Quick Emergency Evasion, Quick MAX Mode Activation”, There’s just a ton of stuff to learn about to help you improve, and become a better player.

King of Fighters 2002 features the standard 4 button SNK button layout, and is a team of 3 versus a team of 3. However the battles are fought 1 vs 1 with no assists. The next character on your team will come out to fight after the prior team member is defeated until you run out of team members. If you beat one of the opponent’s characters, your character will regenerate some life in between the rounds.

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