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Dragon Ball FighterZ

The long awaited, highly anticipated, and extremely hyped Dragonball Z fighting game has come, but is it the balanced community unifying game people expected? DBFZ currently supports 24 characters, with 6 more DLC characters planned.

Buildup can be an unsafe thing. For all the fervor and suspicion, you’re developing a picture of something that can never truly exist. A flawless thing, something that so wondrous — yet in addition so delicate. It’s uncommon that a stumble on the buildup prepare winds up at its booked stop; it typically winds up crashing, with travelers stranded in a discard, inquiring as to why they at any point purchased a ticket. In light of this present, any reasonable person would agree that looking into Dragon Ball FighterZ accompanied a reasonable piece of anxiety, when you consider how much fervor there is about this amusement and its capability to change the FGC. Fortunately, I can state with certainty that Dragon Ball FighterZ is a phenomenal battling diversion, dribbling with affection for the source material while giving a battle framework that gives a remark. Regardless of your commonality with battling amusements or Dragon Ball, you will discover a remark in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
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Tekken 7 PC

Tekken 7

After being an arcade exclusive game for practically all of time, Tekken 7 has finally landed on home consoles and PC. Tekken 7 is a 3D, one vs one, 4 button fighter. There are currently 37 characters in the game today, Geese Howard from the SNK universe has been announced as the 38th character coming to the game, with more characters and content on the way. I’m still not sure If I would call the season pass worth getting yet though, it does not include the pre-order Eliza.

The online netcode ranges from ok to decent. Tekken 7 uses a straight peer to peer connection like Street Fighter 4 did, so you don’t have to worry about server maintenance or downtime, but this also means cross play between consoles and PC won’t ever be possible. You can customize your character with unlockable items just like previous Tekken and
Soulcalibur games. The game is pretty hard for newcomers to pick up and play. Extensive match up knowledge makes a big difference, as the move lists and character roster are huge.

I only have a few real complaints about the game. For some reason the game is lacking replays, which Namco’s previous 3D fighters have all had, and the online matchmaking and loading times are pretty lengthy. Otherwise the games pretty good and not too expensive on third party sites.
Here’s a comparison of tekken 7 loading times compared to other games.
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Hyper Dragon Ball Z Fighters

Hyper Dragon Ball Z

With the hype of DBZ Fighters building, why not check out a fun MUGEN based PC Dragon Ball Z Fighting game. The 2D sprites, animations, and sounds are well made. the games seems to be decently balanced. As with any mugen game it’s not meant to be taken that serious though, just check it out and enjoy. Hyper Dragon Ball Z currently has 7 game modes, 9 characters, 6 attack buttons, and a MVC1 style control/combo scheme. The developers are still working on this so new characters and stages are expected to come. Unfortunately as with nearly all MUGEN based games, Hyper Dragon Ball Z does not support online play.
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