BIGBANG BEAT Revolve (BBBR) is a Doujin game made by NRF. As most NRF titles are, BBBR is ridiculously broken(IMO). However if you treat the game with the right level of casual, it can be very fun. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any online play or casters made for netplay, which is a big downside for me.

The game for the most part uses the staple anime game movement of 2 jumps or one jump and one air dash. You’ve got meter, bursts, lows, EX moves, Supers, and overheads.The characters are unique for the most part, with some characters having their own meters, unique dash’s, or even assists. NRF is not exactly trying to reinvent the wheel here. Big Bang Beat Revolve does have some unique traits, and assests though, not everyone feels exactly the same, and it’s not a guilty gear clone.
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