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The controls of the diversion is like that of SNK’s prior portions in their Fatal Fury arrangement (especially Fatal Fury 2, Special and 3). The exceptional activities are likewise like other battling amusements from a similar period, in spite of the fact that the dashing and back-venturing methods have a tendency to vary between characters (some of them will move on the floor for instance). Moreover, the player can move while standing up after a fall. The amusement framework stresses adjust between characters by including an intricate harm modification highlight.

The player additionally can perform super moves by aggregating enough vitality in their energy gage and playing out the order (the power gage can be topped off to three levels). To gather vitality for the Power Gage, the player must perform unique activities, for example, provoking, dashing, back-venturing, rolling, and so forth. Like most battling diversions, the player can scratch off a consistent move into an uncommon move or unique move into a super move, yet the player can likewise interface one super move to another until the point when their Power Gage runs out, enabling the player to perform gymnastic combos. Due to its accentuation on harm alteration, it is difficult to spam similar assaults for extraordinary harm.

The matches takes after the standard one-on-one best two-of-three configuration like most battling amusements, yet a match can last up to five rounds if there is no obvious champ in past rounds (the diversion will end if both contenders lose the fifth round and no extra focuses will be granted in the event that one wins the fifth round). In the single player mode, if the CPU utilizes an indistinguishable character from the player, at that point the CPU-controlled character’s name show will have an alternate name.

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