EVO 2017 Starts today!

The Evolution, or better known as EVO Championship series begins today. Evo is the biggest fighting game tournament of the year, and the biggest gathering of FGC members, with the largest amount of prize money. It usually not anyone’s favorite major tournament, but It’s definately the best and biggest gathering of like minded FGC people. I’m going to try and have a listing for every PC game that EVO has a tournament for up on this site before the weekend is over to help people who search for them. That’s my goal anyway. ESPN will even be featuring the grand finals of SFV on ESPN2, which I think is pretty cringe worthy because it’s just not the right target audience.

Here’s some helpful links for EVO information, scheduling, and streams.

EVO 2017 Stream Team Page

EVO 2017 Home Page

And here is the streaming schedule for EVO 2017.

EVO 2017 Tournament Stream Schedule