Fightcade vs ggpo

Fightcade, and the GGPO it replaced.

GGPO has been disabled by ponder, whether it’s temporary or permanent only time will tell.

GGPO's website as of 1/28
GGPO’s website as of 1/28

Not to fear however, for Fightcade has stepped up to the plate. Fightcade to be honest, is pretty much a straight GGPO clone. But being a GGPO clone is not really a bad thing. The client has many more game lobby’s for use, so you don’t have to hack the rom into the unsupported games lobby anymore. The hacked client has a few new options such as customizable colors and challenge sounds. Most importantly, it’s still the same great rollback-based netplay code that you expect.

9/7/2015 UPDATE:
9 Months later and is still down. I would say it’s safe to say the Fightcade has completely replaced the GGPO service at this time.
Learn more about Fightcade here.