Hyper Dragon Ball Z Fighters

Hyper Dragon Ball Z

With the hype of DBZ Fighters building, why not check out a fun MUGEN based PC Dragon Ball Z Fighting game. The 2D sprites, animations, and sounds are well made. the games seems to be decently balanced. As with any mugen game it’s not meant to be taken that serious though, just check it out and enjoy. Hyper Dragon Ball Z currently has 7 game modes, 9 characters, 6 attack buttons, and a MVC1 style control/combo scheme. The developers are still working on this so new characters and stages are expected to come. Unfortunately as with nearly all MUGEN based games, Hyper Dragon Ball Z does not support online play.
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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Bootleg 2003


Despite the movie reference, this is really a KOF 2001 rom hack with some bizarre stuff going on. Standard 4 button King of Fighters setup, hacked color palettes and some stages from other games such as Last Blade 2 have been hacked in. It was made by some chinese developer called Phenixsoft, I wouldn’t have been surprised if there were some bootleg cabinets running this in china.
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Cyberbots - Fightcade Rom

Cyberbots – Fightcade

A lesser know Capcom classic. Often heralded as being the “original marvel” due to it’s fast triangle air dashing mechanic performed with the help of a button dedicated to “boost”. Unlike most of Capcom’s earlier works, this game is actually a 4 button fighter, with one of them being dedicated to boost, and another for the weapon on your mech. You can choose between different pilots, Jin Saotome being one you might recognize from MVC1. However the pilots do not make a difference to gameplay, rather only the dialogue spoken. As for the mechs that affect your move set, you can choose from a total of 12.

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