Garou Mark of the Wolves – Fightcade

When everyone was playing third strike back in the day, the weirdos played Garou. If you’ve never played this game, grab the rom for FightCade and hit up a friend, because it is a classic, and Kevin is freaking OP. It’s your basic 4 button SNK game, no rolls, but has just defends, and the unique “T.O.P” system.

The game’s sequel, tentatively titled Garou: Mark of the Wolves 2, was reported to be in the works on the Neo Geo system several times by Korean news sources. Since 2002, the project has been put on hold and its current status remains unknown. According to Falcoon at the 2005 KOF Party, the game’s sequel was around 70% percent complete by the old SNK team. Ureshino reported that a new grappler character and Joe Higashi’s apprentice were added to the roster.

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