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Guilty Gear XX #Reload

Guilty Gear XX #Reload is crazy out of date now. But it’s a good download if you have a score to settle with a friend or something. It’s pretty much a port to PC of the original Xbox version, that was then modded & hacked like crazy to support online netplay, and custom palettes(which also work online).

I’m sure a lot of the people who view this site already know all about Guilty Gear, so I won’t go into details about this iteration of Guilty Gear too much. This however, is the game that basically defined “Anime” fighters. Air dashes, bursts, barrier, instant blocks, attack cancels, gatling combo chains, you name it, and Guilty Gear has probably done it at some point in the series.

Download Guilty Gear XX #Reload and find out more at wing dreams.

Surprisingly even after Accent Core+ has been released on steam, there are still a few people playing this game online today.

Gameplay Videos


If you’d like a physical copy of this classic you can get it here: Guilty Gear X2 : #Reload : The Midnight Carnival (PC)


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