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How to Buy Under Night in Birth EXE: Late from PSN

I’m betting there are some people who want this game, but don’t know where to start, and others who think they have to buy the more expensive JPN version. So I’ve taken a shot at creating a guide here.

Step 1: Create a Asian PSN Account.

Your going to need a HK PSN account. Go to the “Account Registration” site, and click create account.

Now go ahead and fill out your information, You will need to use an email address you have not used before. BE SURE TO SELECT HONG KONG AS YOUR COUNTRY/CITY.

Select Hong Kong as your country and city
Select Hong Kong as your country and city

Do the same for the address information in the next section. Your address does not have to be a real one. You should just skip the billing section as you probably don’t have any HK Credit cards.

Select Hong Kong as your country and city
Select Hong Kong as your country and city

Your account should now be created, you can log into it on your PS3 now or later.

Step 2: Buy 400HK  Worth of PSN points.

Out of what I’ve seen, play-asia has the best deal. You should buy two 200 HK cards if all you want is “Under Night in Birth EXE: late”. They say digital, but they are scratching the cards there and then scanning them to your account. So it’s faster than having a PSN card mailed to you, but depending on your time zone it may still take a few hours.

Step 3: Add the Points to Your Account.

I’d recommend doing this online since you are already on your computer. Go to your account, and add the “Pre-Paid Points”

Step 4: Buy UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late for HK$398.00

That was cheaper than buying two cards for 3000 yen or a 5000+1000 yen card.

Step 5: You’re Done…

Just wanted to note that once you have downloaded the game, you can play it on your NA/EU account.

Now that you have the game, you can learn more about it on Dustloop.