Mortal Kombat X for PC

Mortal Kombat X

Warning, I was misinformed about a lot of the information below, I plan to redo this post soon.

Well the new hotness came out this past week, and everyone’s playing it. Problem is they are either playing it on the XBone or the PS4. And it’s not for a lack of effort, streamers with beefy PC setups such as NYCfurby have tried, but the PC version just can’t compare. Additionally tons of DLC, and by that I mean disc-locked content has already been found. Complete kombatants such as Sindel, Barraka, Rain, and more have been hacked and made completely playable. I was reading the reviews on the steam store page and I agree 100% with this users review: Click to read more!
MKX- PC review

So enough about the bad, lets go over the good stuff. The games boasts a large roster of viable characters, and they all have 3 different versions with different special moves, aesthetics, and normal move variations as well. This is a huge pro, as the game most definitely will have at least one character and variation that really fits your style no matter who you are. The run buttons is gone and is instead performed by pressing “forward forward block”, making this a 5 button fighter… I think, I myself have not found a way to do the x-ray attacks with out pressing the 6th button(left trigger). The game currently has a large player base on the console versions, mostly casuals on their laggy wireless connections though. All in all, I definitely can not say I recommend this came for PC at the $60 price tag, even your only into single player, the games just not optimized for PC enough. If you’ve got a PS4 or Xbox One, I say go ahead and pick a copy up.

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