Art of Fighting 2 - FightCade

Art of Fighting 2 – FightCade

Art of fighting 2 is one of SNK’s very first fighters. You’ll see some of the cast before they became “King of Fighters”. Utilizing the FightCade client you can play against a friend online.

Each of the characters have a unique fighting style and set of special techniques. Player’s have two basic attacks—punch and kick buttons, and a utility button that switches between punches, kicks, and throws. A fourth button is used for taunting. Art of Fighting 2 (龍虎の拳2, Ryūko no Ken 2) was released in 1994. This time with the “rage gauge”. Similar to the “spirit system” of the previous game, it limits the use and effectiveness of special moves. This game is notorious for its hard difficulty being referred to in many fighting circles as having some of the hardest A.I. in a fighting game.
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