Crucis Fatal Fake Tag Versus

Crucis Fatal + Fake

From Doujin Developer Light’s (now disbanded) (down 7/2017) we have this awesome doujin title based on the Fate anime Series. The game features a form of tag play where you can pick one of 8 masters, and then one of 11 servants. The Stages are 3D like Soul Calibur or Tekken, however the 3 dimensional movement is done by utilizing the “D” button. Similar to Soul Calibur, during your “D” dashes, any button press will get you a different move.

The combo system does have air combos akin to MVC, as well as partner assists and tag out moves/grabs. You need to be careful though, as once your master dies, the game is over, regardless of whether your servant is still alive or not. Crucis Fatal Fake has a Online Multiplayer mode, but I’ve not gotten a chance to give it a go yet. Continue reading “Crucis Fatal + Fake” »