Mortal Kombat X for PC

Mortal Kombat X

Warning, I was misinformed about a lot of the information below, I plan to redo this post soon.

Well the new hotness came out this past week, and everyone’s playing it. Problem is they are either playing it on the XBone or the PS4. And it’s not for a lack of effort, streamers with beefy PC setups such as NYCfurby have tried, but the PC version just can’t compare. Additionally tons of DLC, and by that I mean disc-locked content has already been found. Complete kombatants such as Sindel, Barraka, Rain, and more have been hacked and made completely playable. I was reading the reviews on the steam store page and I agree 100% with this users review: Click to read more! Continue reading “Mortal Kombat X” »

kof 2002 title image

King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

KOF2002UM was released 2/27/2015 for PC! I myself have put many hours of vanilla kof 2002 in on GGPO, so this is definitely one of my favorite games. However, can I really recommend the steam release of KOF 2002 Unlimited match?

The King of Fighters 2002 “Unlimited Match” sports a whopping 66 playable characters, although a few are clones with different move sets. The cast has diverse move sets and play styles, so you should be able to find characters that fit your style, be that rush-down, turtle, mix-up, or zoning. If you’re not familiar with king of fighters 2002, it uses the 3 vs 3 team format, with some life regen between rounds. It’s a 4 button fighter, some characters dash, and most characters run. There is no air blocking, and your meter can be used in a lot of ways other than supers.
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Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code nom nom for sion

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (MBAACC)

Let me start by saying, this is one of my all time favorite fighting games.
Melty blood has been around on the PC for a long time, but this article is specifically about the last edition to be released.Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, or MBAACC features a character cast of 30 characters, with 3 styles referred to as moons on every single one of them. Giving you a total of 90 different play styles and tools to start your own style of play from. Not to mention there is a crap ton of color palettes to choose from for each character.

Regardless of which moon you pick, you get air dash(forward or back), hyper jumps, or a double jump if you don’t air dash. A counter hit in the air, means you can not tech until you hit the floor. This means air footsies are VERY important, which I love. The game also has decent net-play, not the best but it’s perfectly playable.
The moons have a general style for them, but this formula is not true for everyone.
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