Brawlhalla - Free to Play Smash-like


Brawlhalla is 2-8 player brawler similar to Smash Brothers. The game just recently opened its beta to the public, which is freely available to download and play. As for the catch, the game uses the same F2P model that League of Legends made popular, so free characters or “Legends” as they call it will rotate. In order to gain permanent access to a Legend, you need to unlock them using ingame gold earned from playing, or real money using micro transactions. Brawlhalla also currently has a “Legendary Pack” purchasable, which includes all current and future legends. Seems like a pretty good deal if you’re going to put a lot of time into this game. Additionally the store has other vanity options such as character skins and taunts for purchase.

Brawlhalla has a pretty simple control scheme, yet it still feels like it has plenty of depth to it. Each Legend has 3 move sets available to them. Being unarmed and one of their two weapons. The light attacks are the same across all legends, but the heavy attacks or “Signature Moves” as the game calls it are what makes the characters all unique. Additionally each Legend has different stats such as move speed or attack power. The weapons drop randomly around the stage just like items do in Smash, so some of the meta involves trying to keep your opponent unarmed, and yourself with your preferred weapon.

The engine in the games feels super smooth and responsive, and the game is something like 280mb. I’d say it’s pretty well optimized. I’ve only had one instance of netplay where someone was teleporting around because of their bad internet, otherwise the online is also super smooth. Another great thing about it, the matchmaking is currently super quick. There currently seems to be a lot of people playing and it takes no time at all to get into a ranked 1v1 or 2v2(very fun).

Overall if you’ve ever thought “Man, I like Smash64, but if only it had some of the later games mechanics and polish.” Then you should definitely give this game a try. A reminder that Brawlhalla is still in open beta, and anything might change at some point.

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