Spooky SFV Oct Beta

Street Fighter V Beta Recap – October 2015

The Street Fighter V PC beta ran from October 24-25. The beta was overall a pretty positive experience, but it wasn’t without its downfalls. The servers went down a few times and overall the net code had its fair share of issues. Initially when the beta released only Ken, Necalli, R. Mika, and Vega were playable. Throughout the course of the beta period Capcom released Karen, Rashid, Nash, Bison, Ryu, Chun-Li, Birdie, and Cammy.

First things first… Netcode. Capcom has finally listened to the masses, and implemented rollback netcode in Street Fighter V. However, they haven’t got it right, at least not yet. There is no selectable input delay, or any input delay that I can feel for that matter, which means there’s no buffer for smoothness and jitter. Everything is just fucking teleporting all over the place due to the rollbacks. So while Capcom’s code did feel very responsive. It also looked like ass and was extremely frustrating half the time(Mind games? Fuck that, Lag Mind Games). The matchmaking didn’t have any filters either, so if you’re in the US there is good chance you’d get matched with someone from Mexico, Canada, or all the way out in europe. However, Capcom’s doing the right thing by having this beta specifically for the net code, and not just launching their crap net code as they did with Street Fighter X Tekken (that net code didn’t even have sound in the beginning). So with about four months to improve and plenty of data, hopefully Capcom can pull through.

Now, about those game mechanicsPretty much everything in this game is faster compared to Street Fighter IV, including dashes, jumps, attacks, meter gain, and just everything. Additionally active frames are also quite low, it’s very easy to miss a jumping attack or a cross up if you don’t press the button very late in the jump arc, as they have so few active frames. Hitboxs and hurtboxs also seem to be smaller overall, making trades, and whiffs more common. There is no death from chip damage(except from supers), but you can’t just down back forever either, as overheads are fast, and throws provide hefty damage and stun. When it comes to V-Trigger, I’m really curious as to whether the meta will end up being alpha counter everything, or save the meter for activation.

Gameplay Videos

I’ve got some 60FPS gameplay video of all the SFV beta characters so far on the PC Fighting Games YouTube. Just click the character portrait to go to their video.

Ryu HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Karen HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Ken HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay  Necalli HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Rashid HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Chun-Li HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Birdie HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Nash HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay R Mika HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Vega HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Bison HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Cammy HD 60FPS SFV Gameplay Random Image Map