BlazBlue Calamity Trigger PC

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

Ah BlazBlue CT. A game I thoroughly enjoyed when it was originally released on consoles. It’s also the perfect example of the absolute worst job a company can do porting a game from console to PC. The saddest thing of all is that Arc System Works doesn’t even seem to have learned their lesson quite yet. For those not in the know, BBCT was published on PC by a third party company(H2 Interactive Co., Ltd.). This particular release was so late after the original console release, that people were already playing the next game in the BlazBlue series on consoles. To make things worse, instead of making the online play work over steam for PC, they just scrapped online play for the PC version all together. It’s quite depressing to even write about, hopefully they make some improvements to their porting process for future Guilty Gear and BlazBlue releases. I almost don’t even want to put the game on my site, but it’s my goal to have almost every PC fighting game on here so…

Enough about all the horrible things that went wrong, The game has the original 13 characters and a full visual novel mode-esque story for each character. So if you’re into brain dead 1 round easy fights, followed by some story, then you may want to pick the game up. Secondly, when this game goes on sale, it really goes on sale. During pretty much any holiday you can pick this up for less than $3.

Here’s to hoping Arc System Works stops throwing away money and publishes their games on PC for real soon.
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Guilty Gear XX #Reload Featured Image

Guilty Gear XX #Reload

Guilty Gear XX #Reload is crazy out of date now. But it’s a good download if you have a score to settle with a friend or something. It’s pretty much a port to PC of the original Xbox version, that was then modded & hacked like crazy to support online netplay, and custom palettes(which also work online).

I’m sure a lot of the people who view this site already know all about Guilty Gear, so I won’t go into details about this iteration of Guilty Gear too much. This however, is the game that basically defined “Anime” fighters. Air dashes, bursts, barrier, instant blocks, attack cancels, gatling combo chains, you name it, and Guilty Gear has probably done it at some point in the series.
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